terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015


Dirty Velvet is a super rebel brand for smart and rebel man :) Of course, if you are reading this and you are a women, don't worry, you can steal some of the following masterpieces from your boyfriend and you'll have the perfect excuse to wear one too :D

Here's some of my favorite that DV sent me, check a lot of more cute and awesome items, on their website !

I first met London this exact year (last post ) and I fell in love with everything so I choose (obviously) this sweater:

For this review I thought that burgundy would be the piece that I would love to wear since this is one of the colors that is so in vogue this season, so you'll see some pictures of me wearing it:

 This next one is my brother's face! Everything about it is simply FUNNY! I imagine him being this frog with a broken legs because is always running around and he is so active that if he were a frog, this would happen to him for sure XD
The thing I love about Dirty Velvet is that they know how to take something normal and make it funny

So here is my little brother, he is way taller than me, so he is not..."little" but I must say instead, my "younger" brother ;)

Have a lovely week you all <3
Thank you DV :D