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wih Lace Wedding Dresses

Today I'm here to give you inspiration on lace wedding dresses and I will start with a REAL fairytale!
Everything I will show here was inspired on this cute website called PickedDresses  
Isn't all about this picture lovely?
Are you the type of lady that would love to have this kind of wedding day that reminds everyone of a fairytale?  Do you really think that even real princesses didn't had to find out some inspiration on fairytales for their special day?

Here's the revelation. They did.
Even Prince Williams got an wedding day based on Disney Princesses...and the fairytale has a name...CINDERELLA.

Don't believe me? Look at this:

So here's some tips for you too !
Are you having doubts about your dress?
Check out the following one and you will be like: WOW

Check it in more detail:

This one you can buy here !

If you have tan skin, lace will make you hotter and white will make you look like a desirable angel, here's some examples:

But it is a long dress, it covers all your body, so don't feel like you are abusing on it, you can simply do it, it's your magic day! Check here some examples to look like a Beyoncé or a Jennifer Lopez:
With a long tail remaining to fairytales, this one shapes your body perfectly!
Check it more in detail, here !

Another one similar, here, with a V-neck on the back, it makes you look taler in case you aren't ! But make sure your hair won't cover it !

If on contrary, your skin is more white, a white laced dress will make you look more pure, young and fresh, like Jennifer Lawrence on the following photoshoot:

Here's the front of the above one! I am in love with this one, and it brings me a lot of inspiration!!

I look at this one and I immediately think of some actresses from Hollywood and their amazing taste in fashion, like Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr...
Bring that dance attitude and fascinate everyone around there!

Look at Miranda's smile, she is all in love with this white laced dress, who doesn't dream of a lace wedding dress?

You decide,lace wedding dress, long or short, with v-neck on front or on your back, curly or straigh hair, with or without cleavage, with tan skin or without, but one thing you MUST have...a smile that can light up a big town :D

Remember, this is your day, make it memorable for eternity!

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