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O Natal está mesmo mesmo à porta e é nestes últimos dias que sabemos que vais andar a correr para comprar as últimas prendinhas!
Nada mais natalício do que comprar um!

Fica aqui a sugestão: The Vamps! A nova boyband sensação !
Obrigada uma vez mais à Universal por nos dar a conhecer sempre as novidades na música!

Boas Festas!

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Do you love Autumn ? Do you like Yankees? What about both together?
Do you have lookbook? Go check there more of my looks!
Ana  Moura - Go Yankees

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with Purple Quinceanera Dresses.

Quinceanera Dresses are really attractive and will certainly assist a young woman look incredible while commemorating her quinceanera. There are numerous different colours to select from. Each person will favor a different color or design for their stunning day. Discovering a good deal on them makes it also a lot better. Lots of people do not have a bunch of cash to invest on a gown that will only be worn once so they will certainly decide to search for an inexpensive quinceanera outfit. There are lots of to select from to make a child look her ideal. Some colours are more prominent in comparison to others however they are all extremely gorgeous.
Simply since the price is lower on an inexpensive quinceanera dresses does not suggest that the quality will be cheap. These will certainly have the very same top quality as the very expensive ones. Most of these dresses will simply be used once and put in a closet oftentimes. It will certainly rely on the individual which is buying it. Different quinceanera dresses accentuate various body. When trying quinceanera dresses on, make certain to try bunches of various designs to determine just what matches your daughter the very best. Ensure you can move easily in the dresses.
Today I am here to show you some of my favorite quinceañera dresses, and I will focus this publication in Purple Quinceanera Dresses !
Top 3 :
#1 Sparks, sparks, sparks ! I can't resist! CAN YOU? Check more details of this dress, here !
Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02014914
#2 Simple, wrapped and with a flower. Are you looking for something not so common? Maybe you can bet in the following dress:
Sweetheart Ball Gown Organza Floor-length Flower(s) Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02014509Sweetheart Ball Gown Organza Floor-length Flower(s) Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02014509
My favorite part ? The round skirt and that flower makes it so perfect!!
#3 Sweatheart shinning dress, I just can't decide if I love this one the most or not! I JUST LOVE THESE 3 SO BAD!!! The corset kills me, it's soooo perfect!
Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Satin Floor-length Embroidery Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072110
Check it in more detail:
Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Satin Floor-length Embroidery Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072110
It's so adorable, check it here !
Remember: The design or design of the selected purple quinceanera dresses will mainly depend on your individuality. 
Have a nice week !

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When Latina girls turn 15 (or 16, in some cases), they throw a major birthday bash. If you've ever been to this kind of party, called a quinceañera, or are planning one, or have seen one on My Super Sweet 16 (shown in MTV), you know it really is a fairy tale come true. 
Quince fashion definitely creates the fairy tale magic. The birthday girl wears a stunning quinceanera dress. There are hundreds of quince dresses to choose from — you can see them all on site — but before you get overwhelmed, let me show you my five favorite quinceañera looks, all from here;

1. For the Cinderella wannabe: Here's something way too pretty for only one day of your long long life, right? But you still can keep it and maybe use it again in the future. Light blue and fluffy handles will make you feel like a true princess! Don't miss this one, here !

Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Satin Floor-length Rhinestone Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072124

2. For the summertime quince girl: Now's your chance to heat things up in brights! Especially if you're giving your party a tropical or beach theme, you can wear bright orange, pink, or blue and be totally de moda.  The following one has sparks on it, and the color will match your tan skin, so maybe if you're birthday is in summer and you look tan than usually, you can bet on this one:
Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02071980Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02071980

3. For the autumn quince girl: There's nothing cozier than a moss green ball gown. Choose a well-embellished bodice, with lace or embroidered detail, and a corseted back, for a look that's elegant and figure-flattering. A full skirt that has pick-ups and appliqués adds beautiful dimension to your shape. Definitely get a dress with a little jacket in case there's a chill in the autumn air. This one reminds me of all the colors of the sea, it's so wonderfull!!!
Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02014912

4. For the springtime quince girl: Consider mixing white, the most traditional quince dress color, with a springtime hue like lavender. Your damas can wear dresses in this accent color to match you and bring out your beauty! This one has flowers on the back and flowers on the shoulders ! I love it so bad! This one you can see here !

                                                  Off-the-shoulder Ball Gown Satin Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02071990

5. For the queen: Here's my favorite of all of them ! If you like pearls and lace, pay attention to all these details,
Ball Gown Scoop Tulle Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072103
The pearls on the back are everything ! LOVELY!
Ball Gown Scoop Tulle Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072103
This one you can see here !

Are you looking for a quince dress now? What's your favorite look? I know you may have a lot of party-planning to do and I hope you find this post useful !
Have a nice party !!

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Hello girls! Are you enjoying my last publications about wedding dresses?
Today I am here to give you inspiration in case you are a bridesmaid !
Are you excited? I am!!!

Let's get inspired by PickedDresses when it comes to Bridesmaid Dresses !

I think that my favorite color for bridesmaid dresses are, with no shadow of doubt...PURPLE!
I always think that if we wear white, the Bride won't have the spotlight on her!
Beige is a good color too, but if we can take a more risky choice, maybe a strong color like Purple, is the perfect one!

Do you guys remember the Disney Channel Tv Show called Sonny With A Chance? That show made Demi Lovato and Tiffany Thornt very close and Tiffany invited Demi to be one of her amazing well dressed bridesmaids! The themed color seemed to be purple, havin in count Tiffany's bouquet and her bridesmaids wore ...purple...see if the following images don't inspire you somehow about this color:

 Demi Lovato happily poses next to her date at the wedding of her Disney co-star Tiffany in Arkansas
Demi picked a one shoulder dress, as cute and delicate as the following one, available here !
Chiffon A-line One Shoulder Knee-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS01012043New romance: Demi Lovato happily poses next to her date at the wedding of her Disney co-star Tiffany in Arkansas

Here is more purple inspiring themes on weddings, matching with purple dressed bridesmaids:

From long to short dresses, there are a lot of options on PickedDresses ! See below:
Elastic Woven Satin A-line Strapless Floor-length Ruched Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS02013052
This long one is available here !

Chiffon A-line Square Tea-length Ruffles Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS01012033
This short one is available here

Taylor Swift also seems to like this color, she used this dress while performing "Speak Now" at her Speak Now World Tour, pretending like she was speaking up at a Wedding, when the preacher man says: speak now or forever hold your peace...
Chiffon A-line Straps Knee-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS02042142
This one is different because of the handles and it's a bit longer, still, the top part seems a lot a like, right? If you like this one, check more details here

Remember that this post is about Bridesmaid Dresses, not only PURPLE bridesmaid dresses, so I will present you below, my favorite ones!!
Satin Sheath/Column Strapless Short/Mini Sashes/Ribbons Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS01011696
This amazing one you can buy here!

If you have a nice tan, this one will fit amazing on you!
Taffeta A-line V-neck Short/Mini Ruffles Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS01012020
(buy it here)

If you like more casual looks, here's one for you!
Taffeta A-line Strapless Tea-length Ruched Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS02042134

Soft cream pink if you want to look like a princess:
Chiffon Sheath/Column One Shoulder Knee-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses #PDS02013681
Available here !

A bridesmaid is important to make it an unforgettable day, you are the key piece for the success of that wedding and you are one of the reasons for that smile on the face of the bride!
with the right dress,
with love,
enjoy it :)


Eis um cd pelo qual estou super apaixonada e que recomendo vivamente para prenda de Natal!!!

O novo da Sel, o FOR YOU!
Este cd já vinha a tornar-se algo conhecido após o lançamento do videoclip da música The Heart Wans What It Wants, uma música que fica no ouvido e que é super tristinha e dedicada ao ex namorado da Selena, o Justin!
Selena Gomez
Para além da música, a Sel deixou-se inspirar pela performance da Britney Spears há precisamente 10 anos e, vestida de jeito semelhante, atuou a sua nova música nos American Music Awards 2014 !

Inspiração a mais? Maybe...
Porém a performance foi muito sincera e emotiva, eu ADOREI!

Voltemos ao cd, é uma combinação das músicas antigas dela e mais badaladas com apenas 3 músicas novas! Mas é um daqueles jam que vai continuar a manter a carreira dela como cantora, no ativo!
 Como grande fã que sou, agradeço à Universal Music Portugal por adicionar mais um cd dela à minha coleção!! Vejam mais sobre a Sel, aqui !!

Seguem mais algumas fotos do cd, por dentro e por fora!
 Eis algumas das conhecidas, a Year Without Rain, Naturally são algumas delas!
  Muito muito obrigada pela prendinha, Umusic Portugal !!