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with or without #FASHIONBYMAYHEM.

4-Year-Old Fashionista Recreates Red Carpet Looks from the 2014 Oscars

Photographer Angie Keiser and her 4-year-old daughter "Mayhem" made a splash with their paper dresses duplicating the best in red carpet fashion.
The 4-year-old chose to recreate Jennifer Lawrence's bright red peplum dress, as well as Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o's gorgeous light blue gown. She also looks dapper in a paper tux modeled after Ellen's Oscar threads.

Mayhem and her mother have been making paper dresses together for the last nine months in their  home. "She had stopped playing with her regular dress up clothes and she would bring me goofy stuff, like a pillow or dish towel, and ask me to make her a dress," Angie tells the Good News. "I said, 'I bet we could make you a dress out of paper.' We did it, and she was hooked."

The two make paper dresses every day. "It's not so much about the dresses, it's more about the time we spend together creating them," says the crafty mom.

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Isn't she talented and lovely? :D

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