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When Latina girls turn 15 (or 16, in some cases), they throw a major birthday bash. If you've ever been to this kind of party, called a quinceañera, or are planning one, or have seen one on My Super Sweet 16 (shown in MTV), you know it really is a fairy tale come true. 
Quince fashion definitely creates the fairy tale magic. The birthday girl wears a stunning quinceanera dress. There are hundreds of quince dresses to choose from — you can see them all on site — but before you get overwhelmed, let me show you my five favorite quinceañera looks, all from here;

1. For the Cinderella wannabe: Here's something way too pretty for only one day of your long long life, right? But you still can keep it and maybe use it again in the future. Light blue and fluffy handles will make you feel like a true princess! Don't miss this one, here !

Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Satin Floor-length Rhinestone Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072124

2. For the summertime quince girl: Now's your chance to heat things up in brights! Especially if you're giving your party a tropical or beach theme, you can wear bright orange, pink, or blue and be totally de moda.  The following one has sparks on it, and the color will match your tan skin, so maybe if you're birthday is in summer and you look tan than usually, you can bet on this one:
Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02071980Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02071980

3. For the autumn quince girl: There's nothing cozier than a moss green ball gown. Choose a well-embellished bodice, with lace or embroidered detail, and a corseted back, for a look that's elegant and figure-flattering. A full skirt that has pick-ups and appliqués adds beautiful dimension to your shape. Definitely get a dress with a little jacket in case there's a chill in the autumn air. This one reminds me of all the colors of the sea, it's so wonderfull!!!
Sweetheart Ball Gown Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02014912

4. For the springtime quince girl: Consider mixing white, the most traditional quince dress color, with a springtime hue like lavender. Your damas can wear dresses in this accent color to match you and bring out your beauty! This one has flowers on the back and flowers on the shoulders ! I love it so bad! This one you can see here !

                                                  Off-the-shoulder Ball Gown Satin Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02071990

5. For the queen: Here's my favorite of all of them ! If you like pearls and lace, pay attention to all these details,
Ball Gown Scoop Tulle Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072103
The pearls on the back are everything ! LOVELY!
Ball Gown Scoop Tulle Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses #SWEET02072103
This one you can see here !

Are you looking for a quince dress now? What's your favorite look? I know you may have a lot of party-planning to do and I hope you find this post useful !
Have a nice party !!

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