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It's a love story, baby just say YES

Hello Swifties! I know you love amazing gowns and today I am making your dreams come true with this post about Bridesmaid dresses that Pickedlooks is selling :)

I will start from the beginning of Taylor’s carreer, so I can melt your heart

Do you remember Taylor's 18th birthday ? Of course you do because that day was the day she filmed her music video for Beautiful Eyes !
Here's a dress you will LOVE:

It is pink, it is girly and it is all you need to shine. It is also affordable, check here.

If you are a Swiftie, you'll never forget the moment Taylor sang Tim McGraw to Tim McGraw himself and his wife Faith Hill. An amazing and unforgettable performance at the CMT.

 This dress is embroidered at the top and can work as a bridesmaid dress or as a prom dress, it is soooo pretty you will look like Cinderella ! Or Taylor Swift, which is even better! This one is available here.

And here is the moment they met.

Let's got back now to 2009. Another you won't EVER forget : MTV VMA's 2009.
And that is unforgettable, not only because of her awesome performance at the NYC subway, but because of..Kanye.
Whatever, let's just remember of that awesome performance and her awesome red dress:

 Red means power and this was a moment of pure girls power. Don't forget to get a red dress (here's my suggestion ) and don't let them "grab your mic" !!

Alright, I hear you all asking me for more recent inspiration so I just thought you'd love this next one:

Back to November of 2013, Taylor dressed like a princess to actually sing with Bon Jovi and...the PRINCE!

Click on the dress to enlarge the image, this dress is available here 

Even more recently, at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, Taylor wore a chiffon yellow dress, equal to the following one:

Now you just need to make your hair up pretty and you're ready to rock it ! 

I hope this post inspires you as much as it inspired me to write it !

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