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with Blue Prom Dresses.

with Blue Prom Dresses - get inspired:

Today I'm writing about beautiful blue prom dresses .
Blue is such an amazing color and after this post I'm pretty sure you will start to dream about an prom day inspired in blue stuff.
I became myself a fan of because it breaks the traditional thinking that a prom must show a pretty dress, and there’s a lot of soft colors that can make you shine in your special day! If it's a fairytale, let's add some colors, let's make it funny and let's enjoy!

I've searched for blue theme parties and I, myself, got very inspired for this post! Some amazing artists has been showing us how soft blue makes them look like a princess and I'll show you all some pictures at the end of this post!

Now is time for me to show you some of my favorite pieces from !

Favorite 1:
There's something quite interesting about this dress. It floats at the top and at the bottom, and at the same time, it fits your curves and makes you look more femininet! Check it out here.

Chiffon V-neck Trumpet/Mermaid Floor-length Beading Prom Dresses #DLT02014412
Favorite 2:
My favorite thing about this dress is clearly the cleavage ! The details on the front are so perfect and the way the cleavage meets the rhinestones combining with the delicacy of the handles makes it so perfect that I myself am tempted to buy it, even though I am still young to consider marriage ahah!
                 Chiffon Spaghetti Straps A-line Sweep Train Rhinestone Prom Dresses #DLT02014380   Chiffon Spaghetti Straps A-line Sweep Train Rhinestone Prom Dresses #DLT02014380Chiffon Spaghetti Straps A-line Sweep Train Rhinestone Prom Dresses #DLT02014380

Favorite 3: Look how this one floats! Again, the rhinestone blows me !
                       Chiffon Sweetheart Empire Floor-length Rhinestone Prom Dresses #DLT02014287
Check it more in detail:
Chiffon Sweetheart Empire Floor-length Rhinestone Prom Dresses #DLT02014287
Choose 'Favorite 1' or 'Favorite 2' if you have a large chest, the third one may not be the best because it presses your chest and makes it uncomfortable as well as improper for the occasion. In contrary, if you have a small chest, it will fit perfectly and it will look bigger, making you more sensual for your (maybe) future husband :)
So, as promised, here you can check some celebs using blue, this amazing blue! I hope this inspires you!
And, as an amazing prom requires quality and perfection, I found some pictures of pastry and bouquets ! If you are thinking about managing a prom (whether it is yours or not), consider the fact that everything blue isn't a solution! You can combine a blue dress with a blue themed, prom: blue themed stuff like cake, carpet, etc. If you are considering about dressing blue, don't bet on a blue bouquet, it's maybe too much! But I bet on your taste. I know you won't make it ugly, so make it the best day on your life. Make it blue as the skies and as the seas. And most of all, be happy :)
This day means so much and your prince can even become your husband one day! So have fun in your prom day :)

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