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Red themed proms reminds me of broadway, of Hollywood, of a lot of RED including Red dresses.

When I think about Red Dresses I always think about Eva Longoria and how sexy she looks on a red dress! Whether she uses red lipstick or not, she will always look sooooo confident and sexy!
In another hand, you can wear a red dress and wear a girly style, like Taylor Swift does or even the amazing Zooey Deschanel
There's this amazing website called and it has a special line of Red Prom Dresses.
I will show you some different ones, from sexy to girly, you choose what better fits you!

#1 - There's nothing better than a dress that defines all your curves, but better than that, there is nothing better than wear a dress with confidence and with a happy smile on your lips!
This specific dress would be the number one pick to Eva Longoria, I'm sure! What about you? Would you wear this one? (check it here).

     Satin Tulle Straps Trumpet/Mermaid Sweep Train Ruffles Prom Dresses #DLT02023222Satin Tulle Straps Trumpet/Mermaid Sweep Train Ruffles Prom Dresses #DLT02023222
Eva would :p

#2 This one is more girly, it floats and is maybe the more adequated for a prom, but remember: you choose. I myself prefer this kind of dress, because this color means confidence anyway, whether you are wearing a girly style or a more adult style, Red gives you extra confidence, and a confidente girl is even prettier than a girl without confidence on herself!
             Chiffon Halter A-line Knee-length Ruched Prom Dresses #DLT02020080Chiffon Halter A-line Knee-length Ruched Prom Dresses #DLT02020080

This particular one reminds me of the one that Taylor Swift wore on her performance on the NYC subway! She was so confident that she also won a MTV Video Music Award!
You can buy this one similar, here !

#3 - The third one will remind you of a doll! If you love this style, maybe you should bet on this one! (here)
                        Chiffon Sweetheart A-line Floor-length Sashes/Ribbons Prom Dresses #DLT02020083

I imagine some artists like Zooey Deschanel wearing this dress, in fact, here's the proff that she loves this kind of dresses:
You can wear it with a pearls necklace, as she did, and if you have bangs, don't hide them ! Use this picture as inspiration and nail that prom day !

Rihanna also surprised me one day with a long and pretty red dress, she looked amazing ! So if you don't have bangs, you loose your hair and paint your lips red and have fun!

Have fun with your red choices and make everyone blush when they see you :)

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